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Vault Doors For Sale


That last extra special feature that sets your home apart from others could be a walk-in vault room with a vault door entry.

Multiple Uses - From a Gun Room To A Man Cave

Vault rooms are most often used to store and display large gun collections, or they are intended as safe rooms to protect the family.  They are also used to house wine collections, coin collections, sports memorabilia or historic military items.  Create your own “limited access museum” right in your home!  Upgrade your den into the ultimate “man cave”.  Treat yourself to something unusual as well as practical.  There is an antique safe collector in Ohio who has an antique vault door in his house, separating the pantry from his kitchen – what a conversation piece! 

An avid gun collector who keeps running out of space for his guns recently purchased his eighth gun safe from us.  Think how much more convenient it would be if he could build a new home with a gun room!

Installing a Vault Door – What you Should Know

Plan ahead when building a new home to avoid costly changes. 

  • Decide whether you want an in-swing or out-swing door. 
  • If this is to be a personal protection room, make sure that you can (quickly) lock yourself inside; this is not possible with all doors.  
  • Buy the door in advance, before the walls are poured, to make sure the contractor makes the door opening the right size. 
  • Specify the wall thickness when ordering the door. 
  • Factory lead times typically are 6 to 8 weeks, but have been running as long as 14 weeks this year. 
  • The door can be brought in easily before the house is closed up.
  • If your existing home has a walk-out basement with sliding doors a vault door can often be brought in; but it can rarely be taken down basement stairs of a finished house.

Find the Best Brands – New or Used

Hoogerhyde Safe sells and installs vault doors by Fort Knox, American Security, Golden Spike and Schwab.  Learn about brands, sizes and features from experts at Hoogerhyde.  See the level of security that our doors provide by looking at the display unit(s) in our showroom.  Do not trust the no-name brands being sold over the internet!  You won’t get the whole story, and too many buyers are disappointed after the sale.

Used and Antique Vault Doors

We normally have several used vault doors with Underwriters Laboratories fire ratings from one, two, or four hours. They usually come from document storage rooms or data processing centers, and will save you several thousand dollars over the price of new units.

Most antique vault doors are plain steel, therefore offering no fire protection, and need to be refurbished to look attractive.  High security bank vault doors, either modern or antique, are almost always scrapped out when the buildings are being re-purposed.  The expense and work involved in removal makes it impractical for the businesses to reuse them.

New or used, remember Hoogerhyde Safe when you're looking for vault doors for home security.  We're Michigan's headquarters for vault doors!






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